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MyLab Discovery Solutions Success

MyLab Discovery Solutions is an Indian life sciences company headquartered in Nangargaon, Lonawala, Maharashra.

They gained quite a bit of notability during the COVID-19 pandemic as the developers of the first indigenous PCR based diagnostic test to clear regulatory approvals such as those from the ICMR and CDSCO. These kits were intended to be low-cost and easily accessible to the rural and remote regions of India, greatly expanding the scope of COVID-19 testing and surveillance.

AGNIi and Invest India have worked extensively with MyLab as part of its COVID-19 efforts to help important technologies get deployed where they are needed the most. As a culmination of our long-standing engagement, AGNIi has facilitated the following opportunities for MyLab:
Connected them to the “Entrepreneurship Development Center” at that National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, in order to give them access to CSR funding partners.
Helped sanction a 1 crore INR grant from the ACT Fund (Action COVID-19 Fund).
Helped sanction a loan of 4 crore from the Technology Development Board of the Department of Science and Technology.
Aided in their logistical efforts by liaising with the Singapore Enterprise and connecting them to the Indian High Commission. This should enable them to scale up production to 20 lakh test kits per week.

MyLab Discovery Solutions have played an integral role in making India more self-sufficient in the battle against COVID-19. AGNIi will continue to support MyLab and other strategically important startups as they continue to provide valuable innovations that will bolster our efforts against this far-reaching epidemic.