AGNIi will focus on the following core areas to propel Indian innovations to market and drive entrepreneurship to a new level

1. Identify and provide commercialization support to market-ready indigenous innovations
AGNIi will accelerate the process of transferring scientific knowledge and research breakthroughs residing with government research laboratories, academic institutions and individual innovators for the benefit of society, through proactive identification of market-ready technologies, technology and commercial validation and facilitation of connections with relevant stakeholders across government and industry.


2. Dedicated cells to work exclusively with Government laboratories to help commercialise their market-ready innovations
AGNIi will work with an extensive network of national laboratories (200+) and other government supported R&D institutions (2500+) to curate, showcase and facilitate their portfolio of existing market-ready technologies for large-scale commercialisation. 


3. Collaborate and value add to existing innovation programs 
AGNIi will collaborate with and strengthen existing innovation programs across government, industry and academia with a focus on creating meaningful linkages across the entire innovation ecosystem.


4. Training and capacity building of scientists, innovators, technology transfer offices and technology license offices about the world of commercialization and entrepreneurship through specific workshops, certificate courses and best practices
AGNIi will strive to disseminate the spirit of innovation and problem-solving throughout the country with a special focus on scientists, academicians, and students. Specific training programs, seminars, courses, workshops and roadshows will be organized for scientists, technologists, industrial workers, grassroots innovators including craftsmen and artisans, and students. 


5. Linking specific needs of industry to research laboratories to enable development of cost-effective marketable solutions 
AGNIi will create mechanisms for translating the industry’s technological needs into actionable research inputs for researchers in laboratories and universities across the country to enable creation of products that are demand-driven and solve urgent problems.