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Have a technology that can Unlock India's potential in the Space sector? AGNIi is on the lookout for such disruptive technologies, Apply now.

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Space industry is one of the most crucial emerging technology sector in the world. India has just opened its doors for active participation of private players in the Space Industry and the sector is not just limited to Space Exploration it has an array of possibilities that include Satellite manufacturing, Research & development, Geo spatial data collection and the opportunities are endless.
One of the most crucial aspects of Space sector is the satellite data and imageries and space technology that is demanded across sectors and busin...

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Vikram Launch Vehicles

Lowest price in the sector worldwide with reliable launch capability f...

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Grahaa Space

Grahaa Space is the first and only spacetech startup in India working...

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Green Propulsion System

We are developing complete propulsion system called as "I-Booster"to s...

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Scheme for Young Scientists and Technologists
S&T for Women
Blockchain: An answer to the Public Electronic Health Record (EHR) Sys...

The success and efficiency of healthcare systems around the world depends on, among other things, data collection, data storage, and data usage...

Karnica Tejpal

23 November 2018

Regulatory and Policy Proposal outreach to the Startup Ecosystem

Startups by their very nature are meant to disrupt and hence...

Guneet Malik

13 December 2018

Bridging the Valley of Death with AGNIi

Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations or AGNIi is a program to help...

Sidharth Choudhary

18 December 2018

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