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If your technological innovation can help the energy sector meet challenges of the present and future, apply to the AGNIi programme for commercialisation support.

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Energy is one of the major inputs for India’s economic development. Energy sources can primarily be classified into Renewable Energy– Solar, Wind, Hydro, Bio and Non-Renewable Energy– Coal, Oil, and Gas.
With large number of commercial and domestic applications, energy has become indispensable to modern society. This presents immense opportunities for innovators to help the sector evolve and achieve higher efficiencies. However, the sector usually faces long gestations periods due to heavy research and development (R&D) to discove...

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Major Verticals

The industry pain points

  • 1
    Solar power degradation due to manual cleaning of solar manels
  • 2
    High carbon emission from hydrocarbons has created a demand for alternative clean fuels

Innovations - Solar Energy

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2500 Deg C By Solar

We’ve Invented A Commercial Solar Concentrator, Attaining Temperature...

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2 Axis Solar PV Tracker

There are predominantly two types of trackers available i.e Dual axis...

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Solar plant cleaning is a big overhead and currently, its an extremely...

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Programme for Science Students
COVID-19 and the Indian power sector: Effects and Revival

The all-encompassing lockdown announced on 24th March 2020 by the Prime Minister as a pr...

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16 June 2020

Blockchain: An answer to the Public Electronic Health Record (EHR) Sys...

The success and efficiency of healthcare systems around the world depends on, among other things, data collection, data storage, and data usage...

Karnica Tejpal

23 November 2018

Regulatory and Policy Proposal outreach to the Startup Ecosystem

Startups by their very nature are meant to disrupt and hence...

Guneet Malik

13 December 2018

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