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The rapid integration of technology in the education sector is gradually changing the paradigm of learning and development. AGNIi is on the lookout for promising innovations.

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Education is empowerment. It equips an individual with the quintessential tools to understand the various facets of life and cope with the crests and troughs of the same. It enriches understanding, improving an individual’s quality of life, leading to considerable developments for the society.
Presently, the global economy thrives on innovation and considering the same, education is an indispensable asset for developing the next generation of ingenious thinkers. Consequently, it is imperative that the education system is inherently dr...

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Innovations - Key Innovations

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3D Simplified Mathematics

This is a geometry based mathematics teaching technique. The core of t...

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IQGrain is mobile PAAS platform for educators to automate tasks & impr...

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Tactopus Learning

This material is made interactive with the help of a mobile applicatio...

Scheme for Infrastructure Development in Minority...
Teacher Education Scheme
Saakshar Bharat
List of Patent Facilitators
Blockchain: An answer to the Public Electronic Health Record (EHR) Sys...

The success and efficiency of healthcare systems around the world depends on, among other things, data collection, data storage, and data usage...

Karnica Tejpal

23 November 2018

Regulatory and Policy Proposal outreach to the Startup Ecosystem

Startups by their very nature are meant to disrupt and hence...

Guneet Malik

13 December 2018

Bridging the Valley of Death with AGNIi

Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations or AGNIi is a program to help...

Sidharth Choudhary

18 December 2018

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