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Healthcare & Pharma


Healthcare as an industry is characterized by a high demand for innovative solutions, and an intensive regulatory process. AGNIi is on the lookout for promising innovations.

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Healthcare is an industry that concerns itself with the well-being of the people. It is characterized by preventative and curative remedies to help people suffering from disease or injury. The development of medical technologies has led to countless lives being saved, and played a crucial role in building a safer, more stable society.

Hence, the demand for innovative solutions in healthcare remains high. However, this is also one of the most challenging sectors with regards to technology development and commercialization, due t...

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Major Verticals

The industry pain points

  • 1
    Limitations in current implants that treat bone and cartilage degradation at the joints
  • 2
    Gaps in the supply chain that inhibit the remote transportation of vaccines, viral samples, and other biologicals
  • 3
    Lack of portable devices that can perform PCR testing, limiting the scope of testing and surveillance for diseases and their associated outbreaks

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Healthcare & Pharma

Regrow has developed a proprietary & patented cell therapy platform to...

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Healthcare & Pharma

Hand-held isothermal PCR device with no compromise on performance deve...

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Healthcare & Pharma
21stcentury natural sugar

Petiva’s patented sugar production technology is by a wide margin the...

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02 June 2020

Principles of De-Risking: ACT Fund

Derisking of technologies focuses on identifying the barriers in their de...

Pulak Kumar

19 June 2020

Blockchain: An answer to the Public Electronic Health Record (EHR) Sys...

The success and efficiency of healthcare systems around the world depends on, among other things, data collection, data storage, and data usage...

Karnica Tejpal

23 November 2018

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