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Automobiles & Electric Vehicles


Automobile industry thrives on innovation. Be a part of AGNIi portfolio if you have a technology innovation that can provide impactful solutions to the sector.

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The automobile sector relies heavily on innovation and R&D. With stricter norms to reduce vehicular emissions, greater emphasis on achieving better fuel economy and a wider interest towards making smart vehicles, the sector has rightly placed its bet on technology innovation.

Newer technologies and innovation are needed more than ever to meet the vision that the industry has set for itself. We talk not only of lightweight less pollutant emitting cars and Electric Vehicles but also of autonomous and connected vehicles. Today, the ...

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Our success stories

Here are some of our myriad success stories of innovations that should encourage and inspire you to apply the concept to your own business!

Innovations - Key Innovations

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Automobiles & Electric Vehicles
Vehicle Intelligence - EV

We design battery packs (with all thermal and structural consideration...

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Automobiles & Electric Vehicles
Electric Buses & Trucks

Cell Propulsion is a mobility technology company, with a vision to red...

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Micro gas turbine

Micro Gas turbines are the same technology that is used in the jet eng...

Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019
Automotive Mission Plan
FAME India Phase 2
Blockchain: An answer to the Public Electronic Health Record (EHR) Sys...

The success and efficiency of healthcare systems around the world depends on, among other things, data collection, data storage, and data usage...

Karnica Tejpal

23 November 2018

Regulatory and Policy Proposal outreach to the Startup Ecosystem

Startups by their very nature are meant to disrupt and hence...

Guneet Malik

13 December 2018

Bridging the Valley of Death with AGNIi

Accelerating Growth of New India’s Innovations or AGNIi is a program to help...

Sidharth Choudhary

18 December 2018

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