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80 percent of In-Patients require Vein Access to Start Medication. Getting veins of Elderly,Obese, Neonatel, Oncology patients are difficult. Helping Medical Practitioners to Identify the Vein Access very Fast and 100 percent Effective in first Attempt against 1/3rd cost of Global Leaders .


We pass NIR Infrared rays upto 10 mm into the body, Infrared shall penetrate to the Anti Oxidised blood and the Device will identify the Veins in the area, Device shall create the vein distribution,create the image and super impose over the exact vein using Augmented reality . 100 percent Success rates are observed in Adults and Babies to find the vein on time to start the life saving medication

Brief description

World wide IV access Market is considered to me a USD 55 billion Industry by 2020 growing at a CAGR of 18 percent and Vein viewer Device Market is considered to be USD 680 Million by 2025 Growing at a CAGR of 27 % Medtra innovation has developed Veineux AR 100, Worlds most Affordable Non Contact Aungmented Reality based, Patent filed, NIR Infrared Vein Finder competing products in its class against Products from Accuvein and Christymed USA. Price is very Affordable ,Perfection and Success Rates are 100 percent in first attempt! Any patient Admitted to any hospital Across any where in the world in a critical condition requires vein Access! Administering Life saving Medications and Vital fluids through intravenous method is a Usual Practice irrespective of which department the patient is getting Admitted . Also do note that getting vein of Elderly ,Obese, Oncology, Neonatal Patients are often very Difficult! Every second counts! Concluding, 80 percent of the patients who is Admitted requires vein Access and You can provide a real solution to the world by selling Veineux AR 100 ! that too in very less cost compared with the world Leaders Mentioned! India is in short of 25 lakhs Nurses . Ratio of Nurse to patient population in india is 1: 475. This product can be purchased by even primary health centres in India to save women & child medical treatments by finding vein on time. while Vein idenfication happening, SPO2 levels are also been identified with non contact methods by the technology

Rajesh Kumar

Managing Director - Medtra Innovative Technologies


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