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This technology for water purification gives world's first truly portable purifier with a storage capacity which serves the need of drinking water anytime, anywhere, efficiently to the human-kind in true sense”

Our technology is a patented invention. This invention not only purifies water but also enhances the quality and makes the water alkaline and palatable. The best thing about the purifier is it requires absolute no power consumption and installation. Maintenance can be done by users them self.

It is manufactured from materials which are most hygienic and eco-friendly with a goal to serve pure and divine water with healing power. It makes the water alkaline and fit for human consumption.


- Water purification system which is truly portable with storage capacity.

- Advanced & efficient purification system which makes water alkaline and palatable.

- To discourage use of plastic as a storage container, inner vessel is made of stainless steel 304 grade which is very hygienic and help reduce plastic pollution.

- No power consumption.

- No professional maintenance required.

- Simple and easy to use.

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An improved filter cum storage container for liquids
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Last updated on : 02/19/2019
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