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1. Radial arm type cashew kernel extracting machine: This machine aids in splitting of steam treated cashewnuts to extract edible kernels. It can be operated in a sitting posture, reducing the drudgery experienced by the operator. Its performance is better than existing hand cum pedal operated shelling machine in terms of quantitative and qualitative efficiency. Its operational capacity is 9.3 kg per hour and quantitative efficiency is 88.1%.

2. Dual mode dryer for raw cashewnuts: This dryer can be operated with either electricity or biomass or both, hence it can also be used where frequent interruption of electricity occurs. Time required to reduce moisture in raw cashewnuts from initial level of 20.4% to safer level of 8.0% (d.b) is in the range of 2.84 to 4.51 h. Quantity of biomass i.e. cashew shell cake required per batch is 2.1 to 3.0 kg per hour. Cost of drying raw cashewnuts per kg is Rs.0.44.

3. Rotary drum roasting machine for raw cashewnuts: It is a mechanized raw cashewnut processing machine, performs different activities of drum roast processing i.e. feeding of nuts into drum, rotating of nuts inside the drum, controlling the fire beneath drum and transfer of roasted nuts from the outlet, in an efficient manner with an output range of 135 to 160 kg per hour depending on the size of the nuts.

4. Concentric drum type rotary sieve grader for raw cashewnuts: It is a raw cashewnut grading machine, which segregate four different sizes of raw cashewnuts. In this grader, effective width of the cashewnut is used as criteria to segregate to increase operational efficiency. Its operational capacity is around 550 kg per hour.

5. Hydraulic type cashew apple juice extractor: It extracts clear juice from cashew apple up to 80 to 85% during the first pass and 60 to 65% of residual juice available in the second pass. It can be easily operated by women folk.

6. Updraft gasifier for cashew shell cake: Gasification of biomass i.e. from cashew shell cake takes place in this updraft gasifier for thermal application in the range of 10 to 12 kW and serves as potential source of renewable energy. Average flame temperature of producer gas generated in this updraft gasifier is found to be 487°C.

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