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Poor availability of blood in the rural area should be addressed to eliminate avoidable maternal mortality and morbidity. Blood storage centres BSC are the answer to make blood available to most of the locations in India. BSC collects blood from the Mother blood bank and then store it in their premises and issue to patients. We propose that by establishing the reliability of blood products will increase confidence in increasing inventory of blood products in blood storage centres and hence smooth functioning of BSCs and this, in turn, will directly save many lives.


Bagmo has developed a blood bag monitoring device which can monitor each blood bag while it is transported and stored. The device will be able to reduce wastage at blood storage centers and thus storage centers can increase the inventory. The device will also reduce the effort in logistics and communication issues. The product is a hardware product with connectivity to cloud based software

Brief description

We developed blood bag monitoring system which will be monitoring the storage conditions of blood bags while it is transported and stored. Currently blood bags taken out from a blood bank can not be returned since there is no authenticated end to end data regarding the storage condition. Using our solution we will be able to provide data regarding vein to vein that is from donor to patient.The device is able to tell the temperature, position and expiry of each blood bag in an innovative way. Our approach is bringing a process innovation in the blood supply chain in an affordable way which can be easily adopted to Indian market where resources and money are the main constraints. Each blood product (blood bag) comes with a unique radiofrequency identity (RFID) and The bagmo blood bag monitoring solution monitor the blood bag from donor to patient to ensure efficient supply of blood in blood bank and its associated blood storage centres. Mother blood bank can trace each blood bags then decide the reliability on each unit based on this information. The nearest alternative to the product is a temperature changing material. This alternative is used in developed countries, which are prohibitively expensive for the Indian market. Our Product also consisting of software as a service which is bringing innovation in the field of end to end documentation for the blood bag supply chain.

Ashfaq Ashraf


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