3D Printed Prosthetic Arm

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Upper limb prosthetic users suffer from the inability to do everyday activities and lack of self-confidence. ReArm, the Next Gen Smart Prosthetic Arm, solves this problem and provides the following:

  • Grasping and Ungrasping:  Automatic grasping and ungrasping mechanism triggered by change in dynamic pressure of the muscles. This allows intuitive use of hands for everyday work.
  • Soft Upper Sheath: Expands giving a snug comfortable fit and avoids skin damage. Supports 2 kg weight to be held/lifted by user
  • Expandable Prosthetics:  The sheath can be resized to accommodate growth of the amputated limb in young people and avoid the problem of loose joints
  • Water and Dust Proof: Can be used in typical Indian conditions. For example, in the kitchen by a housewife, in a dusty environment by a farm worker etc
  • Used in bilateral (both arms) or single prosthetic (right or left arm)
  • Highly effective prosthetic arm, light weight, easy to use, and comfortable to wear
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    Pressure - Based, Intent- Activated, Self- Actuating, 3D- Printed, Extendable Prosthetic Arm
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    • Healthcare & Lifesciences
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    Last updated on : 02/19/2019
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