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An Overview

ICMR approved, standards compliant, safe and mobile diagnostic labs for end to end RT-PCR testing that enables turnaround times to be under 12 hours.

The Objective

What pain-point does it solve?

Limited access to confirmatory RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 and turnaround time of more than 10 days between sample collection and results in few regions.

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The Objective

Who are the ideal users of our technology?

Suspected COVID-19 patients

The Objective

How does it solve the pain-point?

Mobile diagnostic labs with required biosafety environment, instruments and labware to perform RT-PCR tests close to a hotspot/containment zone. With real-time monitoring and tracking, the health departments would be able to plan actions in much more responsive manner.

The Objective

What makes us stand apart from competitors ?

Mobile diagnostic labs that can reach remote areas and provide quick and accurate testing within the lab itself.

The Objective

The story of our successful deployments

First set will be deployed by Govt of Karnataka

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