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An Overview

Sagar Defence Engineering has created a UV-C Disinfection Robot for Hospitals, Workplaces, Airports, Railways & Hotels and a Megaphone drone with uninterrupted audio transmission for Crowd Management.

The Objective

What pain-point does it solve?

Monitoring large containment zones, crowded areas and hospitals is a challenging task and may lead to contact transmission of the virus

The Objective

Who are the ideal users of our technology?

Hospitals, municipalities, corporate and government workplaces, airports, metros, and hotels

The Objective

How does it solve the pain-point?

Deployment in hospitals would ensure that the cases of contact transmission would also be minimised as the robot can function effectively for 8 hours and more. The robot technology can rapidly and cost effectively deactivate viruses, mold and bacteria that could otherwise threaten human lives. The robot due to its inherent features has the potential for being the quintessential machine to be deployed in all the institutions in post Covid world where it would play an important role in improving the hygiene standards of an institution.

The Objective

What makes us stand apart from competitors ?

The Robot works on the principle of UV-C light concentration and having autonomous self-guidance capability through which it can cover an area of 500 sq ft within a minute.

The Objective

The story of our successful deployments

Deployed with Mumbai Police, Palghar Police

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