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An Overview

Medi360 has developed the Connected Care Model via Plexus Connect App. It provides consultations and relief to patients in the time of social distancing. They have also developed a diagnostic kit which provides point of care diagnosis, which can be viewed by a remote physician. The kit can be deployed in mobile clinics.

The Objective

What pain-point does it solve?

1. The need for virtual doctor consultation, so as to minimize contagion.
2. The need for cheap and readily available diagnostic kits

The Objective

Who are the ideal users of our technology?


The Objective

How does it solve the pain-point?

The app can be easily downloaded from an android phone and the user can search for a specialist on Prosperita's network and book a telemedicine consultation. Subsequently, the user can download their prescription and doctor's notes on the app.

The Objective

What makes us stand apart from competitors ?

An app that is helpful for patients to get connected with a doctor from Prosperita's network of doctors and hospitals at the ease of the patients home via a video call.
The main aim is promotion of social distancing, medical distancing & anxiety management. The app works on low bandwiths of even 2G networks and has feautures like geo fencing, health record uploads, symptom checker, prescription download, etc

The Objective

The story of our successful deployments

Deployed at Plexus Cardiac Care, ISM Doda and Auriga Labs

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