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An Overview

A Video Laryngoscope used for intubating patients for ventilation.

The Objective

What pain-point does it solve?

For intubating critical patients for the purpose of ventilation.

The Objective

Who are the ideal users of our technology?


The Objective

How does it solve the pain-point?

Using this device the doctor gets a clear view of the endo-tracheal area and is able to do an intubation without putting any extra force or neck extensions. Also the patient does not go through the trauma associated with traditional laryngoscopy. It supports adult as well as pediatric/neonatal subjects

The Objective

What makes us stand apart from competitors ?

It lets the Doctor review the endo-tracheal area while intubating without exerting any force on the patient .

The Objective

The story of our successful deployments

29 clincial validations done so far.

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