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An Overview

This is a personal protective helmet with an N-95 grade filtration system equipped with 4 layer HEPA Nano fibre fabric for the inlet and outlet system for air circulation. it has battery-powered fans throughout the helmet and can be used up to 12 hours with the batteries. It also has a cooling element for hot and humid working environment.

The Objective

What pain-point does it solve?

As medics and doctors treat patients they need protection from viral particles that can transmit the disease, hence this helmet has a N-95 grade filtration sysytem as well as a 4 layer HEPA Nano fabric for the inlet and outlet system of air circulation.

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The Objective

Who are the ideal users of our technology?

Doctors and medical staff

The Objective

How does it solve the pain-point?

The helmet can purify the air as well as filter out most bacteria/ viruses hence helping the user stay safe.

The Objective

What makes us stand apart from competitors ?

One of a kind helmet with advanced safety measures.

The Objective

The story of our successful deployments

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