VAPCare: A novel device to prevent Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

By : AGNIi

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About the Innovation

VAPCare is a comprehensive and intelligent secretion management and oral hygiene system for ventilated patients in the ICU (VAPCare). It is a holistic system that provides targeted suctioning of the secretions in order to reduce the risk factors for VAP.

VAPCare reduces chances of acquiring VAP (Ventilator-associated pneumonia) by following key functions:

  • Artificial Intelligence and sensor-based secretion management from 3 locations: Oral, Oropharyngeal, and Subglottic regions
  • Independent suction pressure control in each line
  • Automatic detection and management of port block
  • Automatic regular mouthwash and lavage
  • Compatible with all ET Tubes
VAP Care

About the Innovator

Coeo Labs, one of the two startups incubated by InnAccel, is hoping that frugal engineering will change India’s medical device market through indigenous solutions customized to the Indian medical landscape. When the founders of Coeo Labs, Nitesh Jangir and Nachiket Deval met during an InnAccel fellowship, the two engineers found common cause in an ailment suffered by patients on the ventilator.


About the Buyer

Kainos was established on 1st August 2016 with the aim of providing a wide range of healthcare services and amenities that were earlier available only in large metro cities with a focus on advanced technology. The hospital offers services in specialties such as oncology, cardiology, pediatrics, urology, neonatology, etc.


Impact Potential

It is estimated that close to 600,000 of these patients annually, develop VAP (Ventilator-associated pneumonia) during their stay in the ICU. VAP is one of the major infections with extremely high mortality rates (42%), leading to 250,000 deaths annually in India today. When a patient develops VAP, their stay in the ICU typically increases by 5-7 days. This results in an excess utilization of 30+ million ICU bed-days, that could be saved by minimizing VAP- and results in an additional financial burden of over 5000USD to each patient affected by VAP.


This infection happens because of aspiration of contaminated secretions from the airway to the lungs. VAPCare is a totally new way to address this problem. VAPCare senses and removes contaminated secretions from multiple locations of the airway to make sure no secretions reach to the lungs and infect them. We also do oral hygiene management in ventilated patients to reduce contamination of oral secretions. 


Commercialization pathway

Kainos wishes to undertake a technology demonstration of the invention at the hospital, with the intent of later adopting the technology for its ICU beds, by entering into an agreement with the Innovator upon mutually acceptable terms



Media Coverage

The technology has been covered by the media extensively:


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