Low Cost Paper Bag Making Machine

By : AGNIi

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About the Innovation

The Low-Cost paper bag making machine is desk-top sized, fully automatic and compact with production capacity of 1 bag in 8 seconds. Compared to this paper bag making machine, the available paper bag machines in market are very bulky and expansive. Since this paper bag making machine is of low cost, thus, it will help in creating more jobs and increasing family income of the people at Bottom of the Pyramid consisting of low- and middle-income group. More to this, the machine will also help in reducing the use of plastic, hence, also help in minimizing the environment pollution.

Prosoc - Low Cost paper Bag Making Machine


About the Innovator

This Low-Cost Paper Bag Making Machine is an innovation manufactured by a company named as Prosoc Innovators Pvt Ltd with its head-office at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. PROSOC is a product innovation company intending to bring a positive change in the lives of people from weaker sections of the society through product design.  The company aims to design and develop innovative products and services of social importance to empower people at the bottom of the pyramid. PROSOC stands for PROducts for SOCiety.


About the institute which picked the technology

NIRDPR, an autonomous organization under the Union Ministry of Rural Development, is a premier national center of excellence in rural development and Panchayati Raj. Recognized internationally as one of the UN-ESCAP Centers of Excellence, it builds capacities of rural development functionaries, elected representatives of PRIs, bankers, NGOs and other stakeholders through inter-related activities of training, research and consultancy.


Mode of Commercialization

  • PROSOC Innovators Pvt Ltd can be given a free space at the NIRDPR Campus in Hyderabad to showcase the innovation PBMM. This will be very much helpful to the company in terms of networking and Marketing leads, considering that there will be regular footfall of different Government Policy Makers, CSR heads and Innovation Enthusiasts in NIRDPR Campus throughout the year.
  • PROSOC can have 2-3 team members positioned in the NIRDPR campus regularly and conduct 15-20 days training sessions to teach many trainees [Women from various rural sectors/ physically challenged people looking for employment opportunities] that will be looking forward to learn new skills for supporting their livelihood in association with NIRDPR. Once these people are trained properly, then the possibility to arrange initial funding for them to afford the machine and start their own Paper Bag Production units in their respective villages will be explored.

Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/kgeoCW7Sskc


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